The Thanksgiving Spirit

Hi There!

And now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for…the Winner of the Running With Cake Explorer’s Bounty Giveaway is: #5 Christy from SweetiePotato.

Christy wrote:

my favorite type of organic chocolate is newman’s own… i’ve had the espresso dark chocolate and it was amazing! anything with a little bit of coffee flavor (especially chocolate) is fantastic, in my opinion ;)

Thank you to Christy and all of those who entered my first giveaway. And a special thank you to all of those who gave me great ideas for organic chocolate! I’m hoping to do a few more giveaways before the holidays so check back!

Speaking of the holidays, there are so many things that I love about this time of year. So, instead of giving you a recap of my day (sometimes, I just don’t feel like writing about running/eating), I wanted to share with you a few things that help me get into the Thanksgiving spirit:

11.17 Thanksgiving decorating

1. Decorating for Thanksgiving! If you can believe it, this turkey actually has a twin; because, you can never have enough turkey.

2. Watching Thanksgiving specials, like the Thanksgiving Day Parade and Charlie Brown! Yo, Chuck..

Charline Brown 2

3. Perusing the Holiday catalogs that come in the mail…

11.17 Holiday Sale magazines

Does Crate and Barrel have the best Christmas stuff or what? I feel like circling all of the things I want, just like I used to do in the toy catalogs as kid. Or maybe I could just draw one giant circle around the whole magazine! You think my husband would get the hint? 😉

4. Sipping a hot skinny mocha, peppermint mochavanilla latte, ok ANYTHING from a Starbucks Holiday cup…

11.17 Starbucks Skinny Mocha

I enjoyed this skinny cup of chocolate Joe today as my “Happy Tuesday” surprise.


5. Reading all of the Holiday issues of my favorite magazines…

11.17 Real Simple Magazine

With a huge chocolate brownie of course!

But, the two things I love most about Thanksgiving are being with my family in Michigan and going for a long run on Thanksgiving morning (it’s my preemptive Turkey Day strategy!)

So, the question of the day is…How do you get into the Thanksgiving spirit?


  1. Yay, I won 😆 & I get in the spirit also by reading [aka drooling over] the holiday catalogs and shopping for gifts!

  2. Oh my gosh, how yummy does that brownie look?!

    Thanksgiving is my fav holiday, so I get in the spirit pretty easily.. All I need is to smell some freshly baked pumpkin pie and I’m good to go. 😉

  3. I love this post.. it helped put me in the holiday spirit! haha. That little stuffed turkey is darling! And I love the Charlie Brown specials.. so cute!

    My mom always makes tons of cookies to give away for the holidays. And now that I’m older and love to bake I join in! It’s my favorite holiday tradition 🙂

  4. i just got my holiday edition of cooking light in the mail and LOVE it 🙂 also love the starbucks cups too!

    lovin that stuffed turkey & charlie brown 🙂

  5. I love Charlie Brown and that Thanksgiving movie. It’s one of my favorites!


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