Are You A Tea Snob?

I attended a conference over the weekend and had the extreme fortune of trying my first ever Mighty Leaf Tea. As you all know, I am a tea-loyalist, with my faves being Tazo Awake, Harney and Sons Paris tea and English Breakfast. But I have to admit, Mighty Leaf Tea really threw me for a loop – the chamomile citrus was fantastic – so fantastic that I actually swiped an extra one to take home with me! Like Harney and Sons tea sachets, Mighty Leaf uses whole leaves in their cute little sachets, which makes the tea rich with flavor and very classy. Mighty Leaf also carries organic brands of tea which I think is very cool.

I’m actually headed out to Whole Foods today to see if I can find the English Breakfast sachets. Wish me luck!

By the way, do you consider yourself a tea snob or tea loyalist? What’s your favorite tea?



  1. I love the African Nectar by Mighty Leaf but still my favorite is Tazo Awake! Do you have Dunn Brothers in Chicago? They sell Mighty Leaf!

  2. Hi Adara! I went to Whole Foods today to look for Mighty Leaf English breakfast but no luck. I did see African nectar though! I’m not sure if we have a Dunn Brothers in Chicago, but I’m going to check! Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Haha, I had to repond to the question if only for the name that I usually go by around the internet these days thanks to my friends and my new website. I by far consider myself a tea snob.

    I hope that you find some way of getting your Mighty Leaf teas. It sucks when you find a perfect tea and then never find it again. If you live in San Rafael, CA I think they have a store there.

  4. Tea Snob – Mighty Leaf actually has a store? I didn’t know that! I’m heading up to San Francisco (yes, I meant the Jimmy Buffet reference) later this year, I’ll see if I can make a pitstop!