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Today was our first session of beginner yoga at work. The class, which was a complimentary session, was held in our small auditorium onsite. I have been so excited for so long about this class that it pains to me to say…the class was extremely underwhelming. It was so basic that I felt like I didn’t receive any benefit other than a break from work. Granted, some of the 10 women who attend were complete yoga novices, but it still left me disappointed. However, I have committed myself to 4 more weeks (or sessions) of the class. I really hope it gets better or I will be totally bummed.

When I came home from work, my day got a little better when I saw that a new book had arrived in the mail…Green Tea Living 2

Green Tea Living is a Japan-inspired guide to eco-friendly health, habits, and happiness. Although it focuses much of the book on the healing (and other) properties of green tea, it also offers insight into how we can live greener lives, similar to how they live in Japan. The book is super cute and is a quick read – I read or scanned most of the book in just an hour. It is also easy to navigate with specific chapters dedicated to eco-friendly beauty, eating, cleaning, healing, and much more. It even has references to the practice of yoga which was nice surprise.

This book totally inspires me to drink green tea…

Yogi Green Tea

But it also made me think about how wasteful people can be, including myself. That’s one thing I really want to improve on this year is cutting down on unnecessary waste – reusing shopping bags, recycling water bottles and cans, and trying to fix things around the house before buying something new. Holly, you’d be so proud of my new outlook on green living!┬á

Gotta finish packing for my trip to Phoenix tomorrow. Hope you’re staying warm and dry wherever you are!


  1. I think about that a lot too. I try to take whatever little steps I can during the day to make it greener.

    Have a safe trip to Phoenix! ­čÖé

    • Hi Cait – one thing I really have to work on is recycling plastic water bottles and diet coke cans. That is probably my biggest offense. I’m working on it though!

  2. Ha! I was actually *drinking* green tea when I read this post ­čÖé I’m trying to incorporate more of it into my diet–and less coffee.

    Totally happy to hear about your green livin’ outlook for 2010. Small steps is the way to go.

    And that’s a bummer that your workplace yoga class wasn’t as fabulous as you had hoped for. As a teacher, it’s always a challenge to teach to a crowd that you’re unfamiliar with. Hopefully she just needed to feel out the group a bit, and the upcoming sessions will be a better experience for you. If the class isn’t doing it for you from a fitness standpoint, maybe you can make it more of a meditative/decompressing session. Or make it all about the core by keeping those muscles engaged the entire time.

    • Holly – the second yoga class was SO much better than the first. She incorporated more poses – even some pretty difficult ones. I’m glad I signed up!

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    Oh my. That was a good read!. Cool.


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