Thursday is the New Friday

I finally made it! I made it to my favorite day of the week – Thursday! For many people with full-time jobs, Friday is the best day of the week because it signifies the last workday before the weekend. However, for me, that day is Thursday! We are fortunate enough to have flex time at work which allows me to work extra hours from Monday-Thursday and have Fridays off (unless something major comes up). So, for us flexies at work, Thursday really is the new Friday – giving us a 3-day weekend every week. I so LOVE where I work! Don’t get me wrong, I have to pack in a FULL work week into four days, so those days are very long and tiring. But, it’s all worth it when Thursday rolls around.

And, here’s how my favorite day played out this week….

I was up bright and early, and ready to run around 6 AM. But I got sucked into the Internet shortly thereafter and didn’t start running until 6:30 AM (why do I even bother getting up at 6 AM?) It was raining pretty steady so running outside was not a very good option. So, the treadmill it was. Four miles of monotonous treadmill running was all I could take this morning, but I did do a few extra stretches and a complete ab workout.

Now, onto breakfast…

10.15 breakfast

I have NOT been in a breakfast mood the last week or so. I just don’t feel hungry and nothing seems appetizing. Today was more of the same – blah – honeynut Cheerios with walnuts. It was definitely crunchy and full of MUFA, but it just lacked the pizzaz that I need at breakfast.

Because of the powers that be (aka – me taking forever to get out the door), I didn’t arrive at work until nearly 9:30AM. Then, I was in back-to-back-to-back meetings from 10 AM to 2 PM – no joke! Whew, I’ve had enough meetings in the past month to last me the whole year. In between meetings, I had about 15 minutes for a quick, souped-up lunch….

10.15 lunch

Thick and yummy potato soup – I only wish I had more time to savor the taste!

With our big meeting just 2 weeks away, today was a packing day for my team. So after lunch and more meetings, I stuffed a huge trunk full of office supplies and other goodies specific to my projects. The trunk was slightly overpacked and just barely shut. With no lock to keep it from bursting open, I pondered out loud what I could do to avoid the thing busting at the seams. Someone suggested plastic ties – genius!! I didn’t even know we had these and they worked like a charm. I only hope that someone has scissors onsite in San Diego so I can cut those babies off!

I completely forgot that I had to leave at 4 PM today in order to make a 5 PM eye appointment. I practically ran out the door, coat unzipped, bag loosely packed, and my hair flying every which way. The appointment ended up taking all of 15 minutes – I can’t believe I left work an hour early for that!! But, that’s the price you pay when you’re desperate for contacts.

Before I hurried out the office door, I stopped in the staff lounge to grab some water. Luckily I did because there was a bunch of leftover food from a lunch meeting – catered by Panera! I hadn’t really thought about dinner so Panera saved the day! I grabbed some Mediterranean salad and 1/2 a Mediterranean sandwich and gobbled that up after my appointment….

10.15 dinner

Finally, office food that is NOT a coffee cake or a cookie! Oh, by the way, we have 3 food-related functions at work next week. Thankfully, I have great willpower or else I would need to wear stretchy pants to work every day.

After my very convenient and FREE dinner, ice cream sounded soooo good and we just so happened to have chocolate peanut butter ice cream in the freezer…10.15 dessert

Again, very convenient and only slightly more expensive than dinner.

Although tomorrow is technically my day off from work, I will be spending it running errands related to work – picking up suits from dry cleaners, buying new black heels and nylons, etc. In years past, I have not tackled these errands until a few days before our big meeting and totally regretted my procrastination. So this year, I am getting a jump start on my tasks in hopes that I am packed and ready to go by October 29!

OK, chicas, that’s enough for me for tonight. See you all tomorrow!