A Little Soup To Go With Your Bread?

Hi All! 

We all have our food/snack vices. Many of these are outright or blatant vices – things we know we can’t resist when they are offered to us or when they are lurking inside your pantry. Yet other times, these vices sneak up on us when we least expect them too. That is what happened to me tonight.

There is a bread at our local grocery store – La Brea Three Cheese Bread – that is so incredibly good. I can eat it with just about anything – sandwiches, soups, pasta, etc. Not only does it have a mix of cheeses baked on top, but it has cheese baked in the bread as well. We don’t buy it very often because it’s near $5 a loaf. But when we do, it’s like Christmas in a little brown bag.

And now, the rest of the story. While doing a little grocery shopping this evening, I noticed a fresh loaf of three cheese bread sitting on the display. I wasn’t particularly craving bread nor did I really want to spend the money on the loaf, but when I felt it, it was so fresh the bag was hot! I thought it was fate and put it in the basket. It turns out, the bread was just my sneaky vice covertly working its way into my home and then onto my plate.

When I arrived home to Scott’s homemade chicken soup, I temporarily bypassed the soup and dug right into the bag of bread – just for a taste, right? I went on to have about 3 slices of bread – and that was before the chicken soup…

I knew after the 4th slice of bread that I had made a mistake. My overindulgence in cheesy carbs got the best of me, so I barely ate any of the soup – maybe 1 cup total. Hmm..not the best dinner calorie-wise, but it was oh so tasty!

However next time, I’m going to bypass the fresh bread aisle and head straight for the broccoli. 

Time for carb overload triage.