A Tale of Two Kashi's

Morning everyone! Just when I thought I was over my cold, I went to bed stuffy and woke up stuffy once more. I guess it really is cold and flu season. I didn’t let a stuffy head keep me from running though. Although, I was out the door later than I had planned – 6:30 AM. Yikes! That’s late for me for a weekday run. I could only do a fast 4-miler because I was pressed for time.

For breakfast, I decided to NOT eat a full bowl of the really high fiber Kashi (10 g). It was probably a little too much on my system yesterday. So, I opted for a cereal mixture – two Kashi cereals – Go Lean and Original – both high in protein and fiber. After all, what’s better than a bowl of Kashi cereal? A bowl of two Kashi’s mixed together!

9.15 breakfast2

Although I’m sure Scott would disagree. My husband has “issues” with mixing things. He can’t mix noodles (Rotini with elbow? God forbid!), cereal, or other foodstuffs. But, I have no problem mixing and matching, especially with cereal. And, that goes double for two awesome Kashi cereals! In addition to cereal, I had a shot of wellness from Zola and a small bowl of watermelon juicy and sweet watermelon chunks…

9.15 breakfast1

Ohh..so good! 

I didn’t get to work until nearly 9:30!! Oh my, that is so late for me – I wonder if anyone noticed me slinking in so late?? But, when I arrived at my desk, I was delighted to find a bunch of little surprises all over my desk. A girlfriend of mine from work has been in Europe for two weeks and brought back a ton of little mementos for me (not tchotchkes Holly – this stuff I can actually use!). If you want to see all of my great Euro loot, check out my alter-ego post Bistro Chic on Thursday. I’m going to give a full report there.

Have to get some work done. See you all tonight!


  1. I love mixing cereals!

  2. Travel momentos from Europe! How sweet. Any nice new soaps? (I love collecting toiletries from faraway places and luxurious hotels, too.)

  3. I ALWAYS have to mix my cereals together! Keeps it interesting, right?? 🙂

    Love the blog layout! And the pictures look great!

  4. Like your husband, I could never mix pastas. They’re too different.

    But I could mix Kashi–I never thought of mixing those 2! I love Crunch and eat the regular cereal less often because it’s alittle blah, but now I am going to mix. Thanks for the great idea!

    I like your blog, especially all the great pictures. 🙂

    Kari B.