Today's Rant: Unhealthy Airport Food

I’m back from DC and pretty darn tired – blah! I’m actually feeling pretty “fat” right now too, considering I sat in a meeting for most of the day and then sat on the plane coming home. I am so looking forward to my run tomorrow morning. 

OK, now for an airport/travel RANT…

Why is it that Washington Reagan Airport – I’m sure one of the busiest airports in the US – has such terrible food options???? Maybe it was just the terminal/wing I was in, but I seriously had 4 options for quick-service food, and only one that I would even consider as edible (Potbelly). Plus, no Starbucks in site after you pass through security. Sure, there was a Starbucks before going through security, but I would have had to chug my drink or throw it out before going through – what gives DC??

O’Hare – you have set the bar so high that I’m spoiled for life.

That’s all I got. Until tomorrow….


  1. Awww…sorry that you had no luck at the airport! I know what you mean– I feel like some of the MAJOR airports really SUCK in terms of healthy food, and then sometimes I’ll fly out of some small, regional airport, and they’ll have surprisingly great options! You just never know…which is the part that sucks the most!

  2. ugh. i HATE airport food.

    a bientot
    The Paris Food Blague

  3. Alot of the southern states have terrible airport food too. All fried and stuff. Annoys me every time.