You Know You're a Runner When…

This morning, I woke up at 3 AM unable to sleep. When my alarm finally went off for my 5:45 run, I contemplated going back to bed due to lack of sleep. As I lay there, thoughts raced through my head. I anticipated my long day of being tired and in a foul mood because of my decision not to run. This thought, combined with the fact that I still could not go back to sleep, was enough for me to get up and running, literally.


This is not the first time I’ve experienced this runner’s anxiety. And, I’m sure I’m not the only runner that has felt this way. I truly think that runners are a special breed of people. Some people are born to be skaters, bikers, dancers, etc. While others are born to run – that is me. Runners share a special bond – we know what each other goes through, whether it’s the challenge of finding time to run or feeling depressed because you can’t run due to injury or some other obstacle. No matter what group or club you belong to, when you’re a runner, you automatically become part of a worldwide team – a family – of runners. But how do you truly know if you’re a part of this running family? Let’s find out…

You Know You’re a Runner When…

  1. You plan your whole week (and everyone else’s) around your runs.
  2. You wake up for your morning run after 5 hours of sleep, decide not to run, lay there thinking about why you’re not running, then get up and run anyway.
  3. The highlight of the year is either a big race  you’ve been waiting for or when the new running shoes are unveiled.
  4. On your “off” day, you feel like everyone is running but you.
  5. When going to a new city, the first thing you find out is the best place to run.
  6. At any given moment, you can recite all of the cities/countries you’ve run in and you remember those places based your running experience
  7. You are giddy when your favorite running magazine arrives in the mail.
  8. While attending a business function or party, you can easily spot the other runners in the room.
  9. You wave or nod at everyone when you’re running – it’s a runner thing.
  10. You can’t understand why people walk, when they can run.

How would you finish this sentence?You know you’re a runner when...

And so, to all my fellow runners out there – Happy Holidays and may the New Year take you back to all of your favorite running spots –  and introduce you to a few new ones too!


  1. Cute post! And you know you’re a runner when…. you enjoy (and run for) the “good pain” in your thighs. Or when you’re bored, you think that’s the perfect time for a run, even if you’ve already gone once that day! 🙂

  2. Great post! You know you’re a runner when…you visit more than any other website to track and plan your weekly runs. When you spot an Under Armor, Nike (insert brand) sale or outlet and begin mentally reciting all the running gear you’re in desperate need of. When the thing you want most in the world is a GARMIN (forget expensive jewlery and fancy trips)!

  3. Your spot on with your running insights! You know your a runner when…you put “making sure your running gear is going to be clean and dry for today’s run” ahead of any other plans you have for the day. I may not always remember to pack a lunch before I go to work, but I always know my running clothes will be dry and my itouch charged when I get home.

    • Hi Steve! Yes, it’s funny how running seems to take priority over everything else, including lunch! It’s hard to explain this concept to my husband – I guess you have to be a runner to understand 😉

  4. I identify with most of those. You know you’re a runner when you can’t understand why a non-runner finds the term “fartleks” funny.