What Kind of Runner Are You?

A new acquaintance of mine recently asked me why I run as much as I do. I just like it – I replied. Probably not the answer she was looking for. After our conversation, I came across a running quiz on the Female Network that aims to find the essence of why runners run. I decided to take the quiz to see how accurate it was.

The 5-question quiz is very straight-forward and took less than 2 minutes to complete. Your answers will then determine what running personality most matches your own:

What kind of runner am I?

  • The Potential Runner: Running isn’t your first choice of exercise but you run on occasion.
  • The Socializer: For you, running isn’t really about running, it’s about who you’re running with and what you’re gossiping about when you do.
  • The Fitness Runner: Running for you is a stress reliever and a way to engage in a healthy lifestyle.
  • The Competitor: You run to win, or at least run with the intention of beating your personal best.
  • The Pure Runner: You run because running is your life. It’s not about the competition or bonding with friends, it’s the thrill of lacing up your shoes and having your feet pound on the free, open road.

I am a pure runner. The description was pretty accurate. There is no other exercise or physical activity that makes me feel as strong, as relaxed, as graceful, and as healthy as running. I don’t need an excuse to run – like to lose weight or to win a race – I run because I am a runner and that’s what runners do.

So, what kind of runner are you?


  1. I’d say I’m mostly pure, but with an underlying of fitness. I defiinitely could do somedays without a run, but get out there because I know it’s good for me.