Greek Vs. Regular Yogurt

Hello everyone! Thanks for all our kind words regarding yesterday. Not sure how it was by you today but it was absolutely gorgeous here! I woke up around 6 AM and checked out temperature gauge – it said 60 degrees!! It eventually got up to 83 degrees today which I think is a record for the Chicago area.

And what did I do to celebrate this wonderful April Fool’s weather? I went out for an awesome run of course. I ran for about 30 minutes and walked for about 15. I would have gone longer but I needed to get home to get ready for work.

Breakfast was a nutrition-packed cup of Dannon blueberry Greek yogurt with walnuts…in my new Tiffany-esque blue teacup!!!

Greek yogurt in a blue cup with walnuts 2

How cute is that? I bought it from a little tea store by our house called Gala Tea. It’s such a cute little shop with all kinds of teapots, cups, loose leaf teas, etc. When I saw this matching blue cup and saucer I just had to buy it. My yogurt fits so nicely in it, don’t you think??

Greek yogurt in a blue cup with walnuts 1

To round out my protein/MUFA rich breakfast, I added a juicy pear. I got a little fancy with the design…

Sliced pear in the shape of a star 1

I love pears when they are really ripe and this one was perfect.

Anyway, back to the yogurt. I came across some interesting stats on Greek yogurt. I know many of us eat Greek yogurt, not just because it tastes good but because it’s full of protein and calcium. But did you know that regular nonfat yogurt actually has 3 times the amount of  calcium than Greek yogurt?

Cooking Light did a side-by-side comparison of Greek and regular yogurt and found that the two yogurts have the same amount of calories, but are VERY different in terms of calcium, protein, and sodium. Take a look…

Greek nonfat yogurt
(8 ounces)
121 calories
151 milligrams calcium
20 grams protein
83 milligrams sodium

Regular nonfat yogurt
(8 ounces)
127 calories
450 milligrams calcium
13 grams protein
175 milligrams sodium

So, if you want more protein and less sodium, opt for Greek yogurt. But if you’re looking to boost your calcium intake, then regular yogurt is the way to go. However, no matter which yogurt you choose, a cup of either will give you one of the three recommended daily servings of dairy.

Which do you prefer Greek or regular yogurt? What is your favorite yogurt brand?


  1. I used to eat Dannon yogurt and Yoplait but found them too sugary and the flavor too artificial. When I first tried Greek yogurt I didn’t like it but then the taste grew on me so now I prefer Greek Vanilla Yogurt to other brands.