Just one of those days….

Running With Cake Fact….I’ve run in 8 countries, not including the United States.

Well, it’s just one of those days. You know, when you’re so tired that you just want to go home and crash. I worked until 11:30 PM last night on “office” related-projects and then didn’t fall asleep until after midnight. And, I spent 2 1/2 hours in a work meeting this morning, to which I was very actively involved, regarding the new staff training that is occurring tomorrow. Blah!

When 1 PM rolled around, I was feeling very weak, and rightly so considering I had only eaten a nectarine since I woke up…

9.16 breakfast

It was very sweet and juicy, but still not enough to get me through 6 hours!  So, after my grueling morning, I decided to treat myself to lunch.

9.16 lunch

I had the most delicious chicken and wild rice soup EVER from the local Italian restaurant near work. It was incredibly rich and creamy and had the best flavor! I wish I could recreate this soup at home. If anyone has a great recipe for chicken and wild rice soup, please don’t hold back!

Gotta run now. I’m trying to get out of here by 4:30 so I can enjoy at least some of this gorgeous day!

See you all tonight!


  1. Hi Jenn! I am not sure if you have Key Food where you live but that is where I got the Oikos for 1 Dollar over the weekend =)

    And I am also extremely tired today…I have been running on empty for the past 3 days….

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! I love “seeing” new faces =)

  2. I hope you’re enjoying the day! It really is beautiful 🙂

    Lunch looks delicious. The perfect followup to your fruit. Fruit is always good in the mornings.

  3. I was crashing tired last night, too. I think I got in bed at 8:30pm…hah. I hope you get out of work earlier today!