Spinach Kick

Morning! I finally got some sleep last night – a whole 7 hours! Of course, after reading a few pages of Eat, Pray, Love the other night, I just had to read a few more pages last night – it’s getting so good! Despite getting a full night’s sleep, I woke up with a headache, as if I had been grinding my teeth all night. I’m sure some of you know what I mean. I also felt like I had a fever. Even Ms. M and Mr. C who were pretending to take care of me, said I felt hot. So, no running for me today, not even a walk. Hopefully, I’ll feel better for yoga tomorrow! It’s been two weeks since my last session – oddly, that sounds like I’m going to confession.

You may remember last month I was on a spinach kick, eating spinach at least twice a day. It seems that spinach kick is back! Really, there could be worse things than going on a spinach kick. I remember hating – loathing – spinach as a kid. I probably hated because it was always served in a creamed form with onions or something.

So last night, I made a HUGE spinach salad – soo good! It was made with baby spinach from the store, but then I added tomatoes, cucumbers, and green peppers – ALL from my garden! Woo hoo! I love that my garden is starting to actually produce – except for the spinach which has been eaten by rabbits.

Then this morning, I made a two-egg omelette with white cheddar, salsa, and spinach…

Tomorrow, we have two events to attend: a 75th anniversary party for our subdivision and a Renaissance Festival at our local library. Both things are so townie, but I’ve been living here for 9 years – I guess that makes me a townie.

Do you consider yourself a townie? What things do you do that are townie-ish?

Gotta run – Barnes and Noble Cafe is beaconing….


  1. Yes, we are townies…Every Sunday night in the summer we take our chairs to the city park and listen to the symphany. Nothing is as relaxing as this!
    I see you are going to HLS next week in Chicago…see you there!