A Lucy Lunch – Recycle Fancy Store Bags

In spite of my very sparse breakfast, I did not eat lunch until around 1 PM. Somehow, my 80-calorie green apple got me through nearly 5 hours of work. I think I was so crazy busy to notice that I was hungry. I don’t recommend this long stretch of not eating, especially if you eat a very small breakfast. Eating a very light breakfast with no protein often makes you snack throughout the rest of the morning and can lead to overeating at lunchtime. Fortunately for me, this was not the case today.

Nevertheless, when 1 PM rolled around, I made myself take a break to eat. And, I was ever so happy to dig into my very substantial lunch!

Fajita salad

Lunch was a lovely chicken fajita salad, made from Sunday dinner leftovers. It included 2 medium size slices of fajita meat, grilled veggies (peppers, onions, tomatoes), all on a bed of about 2 cups of green leaf lettuce. I topped it off with about an ounce of monterrey jack cheese. No guac though – it just doesn’t travel well on my 45 minute commute. This super tasty lunch really made up for breakfast. The protein from the chicken and cheese also gave me loads of energy to start my full afternoon of work.

You could also say my lunch was very green today (and not from the lettuce). I packed most of the lunch last night and stored it in this cool bag that I saved from a Lucy store purchase. 

Lucy Lunch Bag

Reusing fun store bags (especially those with handles) can be a great way to carry your lunch and they save trees! This bag is very sturdy and is just the right size to fit my whole lunch, plus a travel plate and water bottle. Unfortunately, you can only use it so many times before it gets too dirty or rips.

No time for a post-lunch walk today, see you all tonight!