Starbucks bait and switch pastry promo

Good morning everyone! It was another great morning and another great run. I was feeling extra strong today so I added a few intervals, alternating my normal pace with sprinting. After that, I was super charged and ready to start my day. But then, I had a big let down.

I headed to Starbucks and was VERY disappointed that they were out of their pastry supplies for the buy a drink get a pastry free day. I was actually quite irritated at the whole thing.

Starbucks heart

Yes, you just about broke my heart Starbucks. And, it really wasn’t about the pastry, because I don’t usually eat pastries for breakfast (or at all). It was that I felt like they ran a bait and switch promo, which is very unlike Starbucks. I arrived at 8:35 AM and the manager said that the pastries that were designated for the promotion were all gone, even though my voucher did not specify that there would be designated pastries for this promotion. There were plenty of pastries in the window but she said that those were designated for sale only and that all of the designated free pastries were gone by 8:30, just 5 minutes before I arrived. Sounds fishy, hmm a bait and switch? I was not happy and neither were the 10 other customers in the store.

But I’m not going to let it that hiccup ruin my day. I had packed an amazing lunch for today, which included a super juicy green apple, so I had it for breakfast instead. Definitely healthier than a Starbucks pastry, so maybe it was fate!

Green Apple

The apple was a mix of sweet/sour juiciness with quite a bit of crunch. But, because of my power run this morning, my light breakfast left me feeling hungry, probably because there was no protein in site. Even now I’m thinking about lunch. I guess this teaches me a lesson – not to rely on Starbucks for my breakfast.