A Few of My Favorite Things…

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! I recently came across this survey from Jolene at Everyday Foodie. So, instead of a typical post about health, food, and fitness, I thought I’d give you a little insight into a few Running With Cake favorites.

Running With Cake Favorites

Favorite food to crunch – Kashi Go Lean Cereal and granola

Favorite comfort food – Macaroni and cheese

Favorite picnic lunch – Mediterranean pasta salad

Best summer snack – Fresh fruit with yogurt dip

Favorite winter snack – Hot chocolate

Food that reminds me of the ocean – Goldfish crackers

Most likely to eat for lunch – Minestrone Soup

Least likely to eat for lunch – Tuna fish

Food that makes me gag – Calamari – and pretty much any seafood

Food tradition I love – My father-in-law’s chocolate log cookies at Christmas

Soup or salad  Baked potato soup and a Mediterranean salad

Favorite breakfast food – Oatmeal with peanut butter and walnuts

Favorite ethnic cuisine – Italian and Greek

Favorite vegan ice cream flavor – There’s vegan ice cream?

Favorite type of chocolate – See’s chocolate

Favorite beverage – Diet coke, water, white wine

Smooth or crunchy peanut butter – Smooth



  1. Cute idea! I like your response to the vegan ice cream 😀 hahaha!