My Fitbloggin Goal

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As most of you know by now, I’m signed up for Fitbloggin ’11 in Baltimore. Yeah – can’t wait to see my Healthy Living Summit friends again like Fervent FoodieA Girl and Her Mutt, and so many more!

Two awesome girls, Jen and Mandy, came up with an awesome idea – called Fit 4 Fitbloggin – to encourage Fitbloggin attendees to reach their fitness goals before the conference. That’s great motivation, don’t  you think?

Although I don’t need to lose weight or “get in shape”, that doesn’t mean I can’t have a goal. My goal for Fitbloggin is to add more yoga and strength training to my weekly workouts in order to gain more flexibility, muscle, and definition. I know it doesn’t sound like a very lofty or concrete goal. However, for a girl who’s been running for over 20 years – pounding the pavement 5-6 times a week –  adding weights and/or yoga to my routine on a regular basis would be a major accomplishment – not to mention a major benefit for my body.

For all Fitbloggin attendees, I hope you will join the rest of the Fit 4 Fitbloggin crew and tell us about your fitness goals! Seriously, by sharing your goal with 200 of your closest fitbloggin friends you are bound to improve something about your health and life!


  1. @LastMinuteMandy says

    I’m so happy you are joining us!
    I’m trying to get back to my yoga as well. It made me so much stronger, and it was a nice change of pace from doing cardio – but still challenging.
    Here’s to reaching your goal! 🙂

  2. always nice to meet someone else on this journey! very much a pleasure to meet another Jennifer – do you go by Jennifer or Jen?!? AND speaking of names….running with cake….FABULOUS!!! I am glad to meet you and I look forward to seeing your progress. YOU CAN DO IT!!