Fitbloggin 2011 Here I Come!

Hello All! It has only been one day since the Healthy Living Summit and I am already having signs of withdrawal! Why can’t people at work take pictures of their food too?

So what does a blogger do when she has the post-blogging conference blues? She signs up for another conference! And that’s exactly what I did! I am officially attending FitBloggin 2011 in Baltimore in May and can’t wait!

I’m so excited that FitBloggin 2011 will be in May next year! Last year it was in March, but luckily, Baltimore was experiencing freakishly warm weather – 75-80 degrees the whole weekend! I’m so hoping for a weather repeat next year. I am especially looking forward to staying at the hotel – it’s in an awesome location right by the harbor. Plus, the location is a prime spot for running and site-seeing at the same time.

As you may remember from FitBloggin 2010, Scott and I had a little too much fun taking in the sites and exploring all of the food options Baltimore has to offer. As you can see from the Fitbloggin 2010 photo above, I was not shy about having my mango smoothie and drinking it too! See my previous post about the FitBloggin conference for a recap. And remember to follow @Fitbloggin on Twitter for more deets.

So, anyone else going to Fitbloggin 2011 and want to meet up?


  1. I haven’t decided yet, but I really want to go!! My wallet and bank accounts both need to recover a bit first I think. ­čÖé If I do go, I definitely want to meet up!

  2. I signed up last night as well! It’ll be fun to see you again at the conference, maybe I’ll be able to meet Scott this time as well if he goes (or presents).

  3. I signed up for it last night. Hopefully I can go! ­čÖé

  4. I signed up too! I’m so excited to go!

  5. I signed up!

  6. I’m going! First time! and verrrrrrrrrrrrrry excited about it.